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Frequently Asked Questions:

01. How we need to login for the first time User?
A. The process to login for the first time User is as follows:
Step 1: In the Home Page at the Upper Right Side, click on Sign in.
Step 2: Enter your E mail ID below the New Member.
Step 3: Click on Submit.
Step 4: It takes to User Registration Form, fill the Registration form completely.
Step 5: Click on Register.
Step 6: You can view your Email ID at the Upper Right Side, beside View Shopping Cart.
Step 7: You are now the User for Sujatha Law Series.

02. How we need to purchase the Books
A. Process to purchase the Books from Sujatha Law Series is as follows:
Step 1: In the Home Page once you Login the Email ID and Password below the Existing User
Step 2: There are different columns/ tabs on Home Page.
Step 3: Click on the desired column such as Law Books / General Books / Bare Acts
Step 4: As per your choice select any kind of Books
Step 5: Once you click on "Buy Now”, we can view the Book which we select
Step 6: Click on "Add to Cart"
Step 7: If you want to add more Books, click on "Continue Shopping" and select the desired book.
Step 8: Once you are done with Shopping, click on "Check Out"

03. What is the Payment Procedure for the Purchased Books?
Firstly, Customer needs to know the Total Amount of the Books Purchased. Secondly, Customer should take the Complete Bank Detail from the Website ( - Payment Module
Now, there are two ways for transferring the amount:
A. Through Net Banking
B. Through Direct Deposit in Bank.
A. If the Customer is transferring through Net Banking Facility,
1. He can add the respective account number along with the RTGS Code and transfer the Total Purchase amount.
2. After transferring the amount, take the Transaction ID and Date of Transaction.
B. If the Customer is not having the Net Banking facility,
1 Directly Deposit the Total Amount in the Bank and Scan the Deposited Counter Foil.
Now, the Process for Payment Procedure from Website is as follows:
Step 1: Once the Customer selects the "Check Out" option, it re-directs to "Online Payment” page
Step 2: It prompts for Transaction ID, Payment Document and Payment Date:
If the Customer transfers through Net Banking, Enter the Transaction ID, Transaction Copy should be saved in Payment Document and Enter the Payment Date
If the Customer deposits directly through Bank, Scan the Deposit Foil and save in Payment Document, mention the Payment Date.
Step 3: Once Customer enters the required fields, click on Pay Now
Step 4: Once Customer click on Pay Now, he/she gets the message as "Your Purchase ID has been sent to your Registered Email ID."

04. What are the Charges for Shipping?
A. Once the Customer Login the Website, under the Payment Option Customer can view the Shipping Procedure, it states that:
01. The Total Purchase Amount is below Rs. 500/-, then shipping is Rs. 50/-.
02. The Total Purchase Amount is equal to or more than Rs. 500/-, there are no Additional Charges for Shipping.

05. Can we join the Website in all the Web Browsers?
A. Yes, we can join in all the Web Browsers. Example: Google, Internet Explorer...Etc...

06. Will there be any Code/ID for my Transaction for Future Queries?
A. Yes, once the Customer pays for the Books, Immediately one Automated Mail with POID (Purchase ID) will be generated to his Registered Email ID. This POID can be Customer’s Unique Code.

07. Can we track the Transaction?
A. Yes, Customer can easily track the Transaction through POID (Purchase Order ID). The Process for tracking the Transaction is as follows:
Step 1: Customer needs to Login the Website.
Step 2: Click on User Panel
Step 3: Click on View Payment.
Step 4: In the above Image, Customer can know the Payment Status, if it’s Under Process, Customer can call the concerned help desk and enquire about the Status.
Step 5: If the Payment is correctly Credited to Sujatha Law Series, then Customer gets the “Success” status, (Image is shown below.)

08. How can we verify the list of Books after the Payment is made?
A. Process for Verifying the List of Books after the Payment is made:
01. After Customer Login, click on User Panel
02. Click on View Payment
03. After Clicking on View Payment Details. As per our POID we can click on Click here under “Book Details”.
04. Now Customer gets the List of Books as per Customer POID.

09. Is there any option for adding more books?
A. Yes, Customer can add books after the selection of our list.
01. If Customer is at “Online Payment” page and want to add more books, click on “View Shopping Cart” beside Login ID.
01. If Customer is at “Online Payment” page and want to add more books, click on “View Shopping Cart” beside Login ID.
02. After Entering “View Shopping Cart”, click on Continue Shopping
03. As per your Choice, you can select the Book List.
In this way, we can add to the Book list.
If we want to add more Quantity, click on Edit and increase the Quantity of that Particular Book.
In this way, we can either add to the Books list or we can add the Copies of that particular Book before clicking on Pay Now.

Q10. Is the POID itself an Invoice?
Ans. No, POID (Purchase Order ID) is not the Invoice for the Customer.
Once the Customer pay the Transaction Amount, POID will be generated automatically and sent to his Registered Email ID. After validating the Transaction Amount with Sujatha Law Series Bank Account, Books will be dispatched. While dispatching the Books, Admin will generate the Invoice and will send to his Registered Mail ID.

Q11. Can Customer save the Payment Document file in all formats?
A: Yes, Customer can save the Payment Document file in any kind of formats. Again, we suggest saving through .JPEG format.

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